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The new version upgrade, is about to be released

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摘要: The new version upgrade, is about to be released
iElyon Patch Notes: 29th April 2023
◾ When using Obliteration, damage is inflicted faster.
◾ Execution cooldown reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.
◾ Smokescreen’s accuracy reduction increased from 250 to 600.
◾ Skill Burststar has been changed as follows:
Cooldown reduced from 18 seconds to 16 seconds.
Opportunity Burststar Skill Attribute’s stealth effect triggering condition has been
changed to activate when the attack hits the target.
Hit range of Ambush Slash attacks increased by 50%.
The increased dodge effect when the skill hits the target has been changed from 350 for 1s
to 600 buffs for 2s.
◾ Shadowstep´s dodge increase effect when it hits a target increased from 250 to 600.
◾ Added a 5% Physical Pierce effect to the Enraged effect of the Opportunune Mark of
Death Skill Attribute of the Throwing Knife : Mark of Death skill.
◾ Toxic Spray Numb effect’s Dodge reduction amount increased from 250 to 400.
◾ Added content where the Smokescreen effect applies the Smokescreen Skill Attribute
except the ‘Fatal Smokescreen’ Skill Attribute to the description of the Unrelenting
Shadowstep skill, Smokescreen of the Shadowstep skill.
◾ Increased overall gunner´s pvp damage by 15%.
◾ Shot Power Reload cooldown increased from 20 seconds to 25 seconds.
◾ Added a 5% Physical Penetration increase effect for 5s after using Explosive Leap
during the Shot Power effect duration.
◾ Adds a Barrier equal to 20% of Max HP while using Barrage during the Shot Power
effect duration.◾ Added an inactive Missile skill spawn when using Combo Shot’s sliding skill during the
Shot Power effect duration.
◾ When using Active Bombardment, Bombardment Skill Attribute increases Power from
78 to 117 and deals fixed damage equal to 1% of Max HP when an attack hits a player (PC).
◾ When using Explosive Bombardment Skill Attribute of Bombardment skill, Power
increase amount increased from 50% to 70%.
◾ When using the skill Call: Healing Drone, which is Mana Awakening Preparation
Ultimate changed from recovering 5% of HP every second for 6s to recovering 10% of HP
every second for 4s.
◾ Decreased HP regen per second of Frost Shield’s Displacing Frost Shield Skill Attribute
from 10% to 4%, removed 50% cooldown increase and Aftermath effects.
◾ Added Tenacity effect when using Firehawk Skill Accelerated Firehawk Skill Attribute.
◾ Mana Awakening Preparation Ultimate Frost Grave duration changed from 5 seconds to
3 seconds, and when using the skill, restores 6% of HP per second and applies the Stuck
Fast effect to nearby enemies.
◾ Shocking Shatter Skill Attribute power increased from 150% to 225% and cooldown
changed to 18 seconds.
◾ Frost Strike power increased from 300 to 360.
◾ Fiery Explosion power increased from 278 to 361.
◾ Power increase amount when using Rapid Frost Blast Skill Attribute of Frost Blast skill
increased from 200% to 210%.
◾ The power increase effect of Enhanced Frost of the Frost Strike skill has been increased
from 20% to 30%.
◾ Sunlight power increased from 338 to 439 and cooldown increased from 10 seconds to
20 seconds.
◾ Brilliant Grasp power pet hit increased from 50 to 100 and cooldown increased from 24
seconds to 32 seconds.
◾ Tidal Wave power increased from 315 to 378.◾ Toxic Swarm power increased from 168 to 185.
◾ Added Finishing Blow effect to Brilliant Resonance and cooldown increased from 12
seconds to 18 seconds.
◾ Added a 40% healing reduction effect to self and allies within range when using the
Daybreak skill’s Hurled Daybreak Skill Attribute.
◾ Impregnable Fortress skill duration reduced from 8 seconds to 5 seconds.
◾ Capture power increased from 104 to 146 and cooldown increased from 16 seconds to
20 seconds.
◾ Hammerang power increased from 269 to 538 and cooldown increased from 15 seconds
to 30 seconds.
◾ Earthfrenzy power increased from 75 to 263.
◾ Breakthrough power increased from 43 to 150 and cooldown increased from 12
seconds to 20 seconds.
◾ Adds a 50% cooldown increase effect when using the Charged Breakthrough skill
◾ Added a 1 second cooldown to the Vengeful Taunt Skill Attribute´s DMG reflection effect.
◾ Warspirit cooldown increased from 40 seconds to 60 seconds.
◾ When using the Altered Shield Block skill attribute, Shield Block cooldown increased
from 30 seconds to 40 seconds.
◾ Damage Absorb´s energy cost per second increased from 20 to 25.
◾ Increased the amount of Power increase from 30% to 50% when using Rapid Berserk
Smash skill attribute.
◾ Removed the 30% damage reduction effect when using the Accelerated Rush Strike
Skill Attribute of the Rush Strike skill.
◾ Changed Mana Awakening Preparation Ultimate Double Spiked Barrier’s Physical DMG
Reflection to 100 Power, instead of 10% of damage taken. The duration was lowered from 5
seconds to 3 seconds.Slayer
◾ Added a damage amplification effect ranging from 40%~200% according to Vigor’s spent
when using Blade of Blood and Explosive Sword.
◾ The amount of damage reduction received when using Rampage has been reduced from
80% to 50%, added a 10% magic pierce buff.
◾ Blood Drain HP recovery increased from 100% of damage to 150% of damage.
◾ Bloody Ruin HP loss increased from 3% to 5% and Power increased from 182×2/200×2
to 236×2/260×2.
◾ Removed the Instant casting effect and added the Consecutive Attack effect so that the
Soaring Sword skill’s description matches the actual effect.
◾ Increased overall archer´s pvp damage by 15%.
◾ Windforce Arrow power increased from 40 to 50 and Windforce Arrow :
Enhancement power increased from 80 to 90.
◾ Improved the Windforce Arrow and Windforce Arrow : Enhancement homing
projectiles to prioritize players (PC) over mobs (NPC).
◾ When using the Mighty Tornado Skill Attribute of the Tornado skill, even if the Barrier
effect is removed, the status boost Dodge and Crowd Control resistance will remain.
◾ Blades changed from Nature property to Light property and Knockback effect changed to
Bind effect when Blades (1st hit) hits target and Removed Bind effect when Pounding Wind
(second hit) hits target.
◾ Burststar deployment condition when using the Explosive Blades Skill Attribute changed
from when Pounding Wind hits the target to when Blades hits the target.
◾ Removed Stealth effect when using the Mighty Blades Skill Attribute and when hitting a
target. Changed to reduce the cooldown of Cyclone Windforce Arrow by 40%.
◾ Added a counter effect to Cyclone Windforce Arrow.
◾ Adds a Blind effect (reduces Accuracy by 600) for 4s when Hurled Cyclone Windforce
Arrow Skill Attribute of Cyclone Windforce Arrow hits the target 3 times.⚪ Paladin
◾ Rushing Light platforms created in the Faith of Judgment state will now apply a 30%
damage reduction effect received from the 2nd damage incoming Light skill when it hits a
player (PC).
◾ Removed 50% cooldown increase effect when using ‘Infinite Rushing Light’ skill attribute
of the Rushing Light skill and changed its cooldown to 20 seconds.
◾ Balanced Rushing Light Skill Attribute of the Rushing Light skill is changed to a full
attack skill: cooldown 15s, platforms for up to 7 enemies in range, reduces MOV SPD by
10% for 2s when hit, apply Bind effect for 2 seconds after being hit 3 times.
◾ The duration of Metatron’s Protection effect in effect when using the Mental Shield of
Protection Skill Attribute of the Shield of Protection skill has been reduced from 5 seconds
to 3 seconds.
◾ The duration of the light pentacle created when using Unrelenting Divine Punishment
Skill Attribute of Divine Punishment skill has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
◾ Cooldown is changed to 20 seconds when using Blink Sword’s Active Blink Sword Skill
Attribute and Infinite Rushing Light Skill Attribute, and Cooldown is changed to 15 seconds
when used with Blink Sword Skill Attribute and Balanced Rushing Light Skill Attribute.
◾ Light Blessing skill has been changed: removed the 20% damage reduction effect
against projectiles and added the total damage reduction effect by 10%.
◾ Increased the total damage reduction amount received when using the Protection’s Light
Blessing Skill Attribute of the skill Light Blessing from 10% to 15% and the duration of the
effect has been reduced by 30%.
◾ Light Blessing’s 30% damage reduction against Light and Dark damage has been
changed to Reduce total damage taken by 15% when using Mighty Light’s Grace Skill
◾ Reduced healing power per second from 50 to 30 when using Holy Ground’s Agile Holy
Ground Skill Attribute.
◾ Added a counter effect to the Annihilating Light skill.
◾ Added a Knockdown effect when the 2nd Sword Energy hits a target when using
Annihilating Light’s Active Annihilating Light Skill Attribute.
◾ The Hurled Containment Skill Attribute of the Holy Sword skill’s hit distance has been
increased by 40%, and the sword’s attack range has been slightly increased. Soulbringer
◾ HP recovery amount when using Wraith Fusion reduced from 30% to 20% of max HP.
◾ When using the Demon Annihilation skill, while having 5 Soul Energy stacks, inflicts ‘Art
of Illusion’ effect and causes 100 Physical DMG and Stiffen effect when hitting a target for
0.1 sec, up to 10.
◾ Sword Energy Storm NPC target power increased from 160 to 208.
◾ Changed the Soul Energy effect in the Soulbringer Demon Multi-Slash skill tooltip.
– Added the word “Increase ATK SPD by 3% (stacks max 5 times)”.

Breath Bosses have been completely reworked:
◾ Breath Bosses inside the Mana Wall can now be killed more than one time per character
per day and will still drop loot.
◾ There are new breath items for breath bosses inside the mana wall that will replace the
previous ones. You can exchange the old ones in a ratio of 5:1
◾ You will need the new breath items in order to summon the mana bosses or complete
breath altar quests.
◾ The vitality of Breath Bosses has been increased and they will now have a damage
reduction effect that will last a few minutes after summoning them.
◾ Changed the respawn time of breath bosses inside the mana wall from 2 hours to 30
◾ Changed the respawn time of breath bosses outside the mana wall from 30 minutes to 10
◾ Added [Account] Radiant Enhancing Agent and Enhancement Are to the loot table of the
breath bosses outside the mana wall.
◾ Added [Account] Brilliant Enhancing Agent and Enhancement Are to the loot table of the
breath bosses inside the mana wall.
◾ The Breath Box obtained after summoning a boss has been changed as follows:
[Account] Faint Enhancing Agent has been replaced with [Account] Radiant Enhancing
We are aware that one of the main issues of the current gear progression was gathering.
We reworked Nousgard and Sandstorm in order to give players the option to grind instead of
Nousgard Revamp:
◾ Nousgard monsters will have a chance of dropping Herbs and Fresh Herbs.

◾ Zone 1 (peaceful) will drop the least amount of Herbs and Fresh Herbs.
◾ Zones 2 and 3 (RvR) will provide more drops than Zone 1 (peaceful).
◾ Zone 3 will drop the the highest amount of Fresh Herbs among all zones.

Sandstorm Revamp:
◾ Sandstorm monsters will have a chance of dropping Ores and High-Purity Ores.

◾ Zone 1 (peaceful) will drop a moderate amount of Ores and High-Purity-Ores.
◾ Zone 2 (peaceful) drops are similar to the Zone 1 ones, but offers higher mob density.
◾ Zone 3 (RvR) will drop the the highest amount of High-Purity-Ores among all zones.Other changes:
◾ Secret Sea and Forest of Ensnarement tickets have been removed from the game.
Players will have 3h 30 minutes of entry time per week that can be used among all
◾ Removed Entry Ticket NPC at Secret Sea entrance and Forest of Ensnarement
◾ You can now use mounts inside dimensional portals (except for Wraith Monastery)
◾ In Exile´s Island, when a player drops a key he will now have 5 minutes to pick it. After
that time the key will turn into an Unclaimed Key and all players will be able to pick it.

◾ Added Shrine of Greed Floor 3: Sword Edge of Jealousy.
◾ Shrine of Greed Floor 3 entry tickets can be obtained when killing monsters in Shrine of
Greed Floors 2 and 3.
◾ Entrance of Gluttony (F1) entry ticket price changed from 80.000 gold to 20.000 gold.
◾ Increased the drop rate of Pale Runestone Fragment, Balanced Rune, Soul Stone Boxes
and miscellaneous items when killing monsters in the Shrine of Greed.
◾ Added the option to exclude bosses as battle targets when using the Battle Assistance

◾ After completing the quest [House] with one character, your account will unlock the option
to skip the leveling till lvl 36 for new created characters.

◾ New created characters will receive x7 [bind] Legendary Gear Selection Boxes.

◾ Increased the expiration time when listing an item in the Marketplace from 1 day to 3
◾ Removed the price limits when listing an item in the Marketplace.
◾ You can now see more detailed information about the items that have been sold.

◾ RvR in the Malignant Boundary vs Executioner’s Front area has been changed to
equalized gear. Now Rune Attribute Points, Skill Attribute Points and Equipment will be
similar to balanced arena.
◾ The reward box obtained after participating in a RvR is now a timed item.

◾ A new Raid Stage 3 has been introduced: Chaos Callius
◾ The main rewards are new epic grade belts, up to Tier 4 transcendent runestones and
exclusive pets.
◾ Added achievements, titles and rankings related to the Chaos Callius Raid.

◾ Modified the Gear Shop Special Support Box item, obtained when completing Stage 6
Party Dungeons to also give Tigris Battle Potions III.
◾ The rewards of completing the Goblin Cave Time Attack Dungeon has been changed to
match the rewards of Ship Sanctuary Time Attack Dungeon.

In an attempt to promote PvP we decided to buff the rewards of arenas.
The first idea was adding rewards to Greed Arena matches, but we had 2 issues:
From a technical point of view it would require removing one of the current rewards (medals
of honor) and the time frame to queue Greed Arena would not satisfy a good part of the
playerbase. That is why we decided to implement the rewards this way. Players will be able
to progress playing any pvp arena. Greed Arena is still the recommended option as it is the
most efficient way to obtain Medals of Honor.
The rewards of “Festival of Bless” and “Festival of the Knights” have been modified as
◾ 1: 30% Combat EXP Potion (30 minutes) → Daily Portal Time Potion (30 minutes)
◾ 2: 50 Honor Points → 1000 Rubies Box
◾ 3: 30% Mana EXP Potion (30 minutes) → 30% Gold Potion (30 minutes)
◾ 4: 50 Honor Points → 1000 Rubies Box
Note: the rewards could not be changed in the game client, so you will still see the old ones.

◾ Trying to abuse the arena rewards in any way, such as trying to end the matches quickly
by suiciding, will get yourself banned if someone reports you.

◾ Added a new grinding area where level 52-54 monsters appear.
◾ Each Realm has their own spot, which is located next to the starting area.
◾ You can obtain rewards by completing quests and killing monsters in this area.
◾ This content is recommended for parties, since the monsters have a lot of health.
◾ Recommended accuracy: 350 or higher
◾ Recommended item level: 900 or higher
Note: There are plans to add custom rewards to this content in future updates, for now it
might not be worth doing.


The following items have been added to the Gear Shop:
◾ Armlet Enhancement Material Box — 1500 Gears
◾ Large Armlet Enhancement Material Box — 15.000 Gears
◾ Rune Attribute Preset Expansion Ticket — 400 Gears
◾ Epic Equipment Random Effect-Changer — 12.000 Gears
◾ Premium Pet Skill Change Ticket — 800 Gears
◾ Premium Pet Skill Change Ticket (10+2) — 8000 GearsThe prices of the Gear Shop has been modified as follows:
◾ 2022 Tigris Cube V. 850 → 450 Gears
◾ 2022 Tigris Cube V 10+1. 8500 → 4500 Gears
◾ [Epic] Artifact Upgrade Stone Package. 9200 → 4600 Gears
◾ Hunting EXP Gain +300% Potion. 900 → 300 Gears
◾ Metamorphosis Scroll. 1290 → 500 Gears
◾ Luminous Battle Support Box. 590 → 400 Gears
◾ Luminous Slot Expansion Ticket. 1800 → 1200 Gears
◾ Mana Awakening Preset Expansion. 1100 → 400 Gears
◾ Storage Keeper Caller (30 days). 5200 → 3600 Gears
◾ General Goods Merchant Caller (30 days). 5200 → 3600 Gears
◾ Storage Keeper Caller (7 days). 1750 → 1200 Gears
◾ General Goods Merchant Caller (7 days). 1750 → 1200 Gears
◾ 150 AP Recovery Potion. 600 → 400 Gears
◾ 60 AP Recovery Potion. 300 → 200 Gears
◾ Hunting Mana EXP 300% Potion. 900 → 300 Gears
◾ Individual daily Palace of Opportunity (1h hour). 900 → 360 Gears
◾ Palace of Opportunity Package. 13000 → 6000 Gears
◾ Luminous Random Box II. 2900 → 550 Gears
◾ Luminous Random Box II (10+1). 29.000 → 5.500 Gears
◾ [Rare] Artifact Upgrade Stone Package. 3900 → 1500 Gears
◾ Artifact Enhance Stone Box. 1800 → 900 Gears
◾ Luminous breakthrough Expander. 33000 → 18000 Gears
◾ Decoration Token. 190 → 100 Gears◾ Death EXP Recovery Scroll. 700 → 200
◾ Resurrection Scroll. 1400 → 300
◾ Housing Upgrade Ticket. 1500 → 600
◾ Tigris Battle Potion III. 1500 → 600
◾ Safe Enhancement Tool. 3500 → 1200
◾ Radiant Luminous Converter. 7200 → 3600
◾ Brilliant Luminous Converter. 72000 → 36000
◾ Powerful Recharging Continuous HP Potion (12 Hours). 560 → 280
◾ Powerful Recharging Continuous HP Potion (24 Hours). 950 → 470
◾ Powerful Recharging Continuous HP Potion (72 Hours). 1900 → 950
◾ Powerful Recharging HP Potion (12 Hours). 560 → 280
◾ Powerful Recharging HP Potion (24 Hours). 950 → 470
◾ Powerful Recharging HP Potion (72 Hours). 1900 → 950
◾ Party Member Summoning Door. 1500 → 100

◾ Added the option to cancel friend requests after sending them.
◾ Changed to be able to lock all 3 effects when rerolling uncommon, rare and epic tier gear.
◾ Now all classes will stop dropping outdated gear when killing monsters in Harth.
◾ The name of the Palace of Opportunity Time Recharge Potion has been changed to
Individual Daily Dimensional Portal Time Recharge Potion.
◾ The rewards of completing the main story quest line have been improved.
◾ Added Enhancement Aura to daily crafting quest rewards.
◾ Fixed an issue that would change your channel from Peaceful to Conflict when entering
or leaving a quest area.◾ Increased the amount of Enhancement Aura and Pioneer Tokens obtained for completing
world quests.
◾ Increased the amount of Pioneer Token that can be stacked from 9.000 to 15.000.
◾ Improved to be able to use both normal and [account] materials at the same time when
enhancing equipment.
◾ Ontari Support Event has finished.
◾ Youtube Promotion Event has finished.
◾ Tiktok Promotion Event has started.
◾ iElyon Referral Event has started.
Check the details at #events
◾ We have introduced in-game rules to avoid unwanted behaviors and abuses.
Check the details at #rules





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